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In most of the interviews, the candidates are asked why do you want this job? If you are also asked the same question then this can be the tricky situation where the answer that you will provide will affect the chances of you getting the job. Here we have some tips that can help you in dealing with the questions like why do you want this job?


Why do you want this job?

Telling about your strengths related to the job will be great.

When you are in the interview room and you are asked with questions like these, you can be in a very challenging situation, in this situation you must try to provide the best possible answer because it can increase the chances of you getting the job.


One thing that you can add to your answer is that you tell them that you have personality strengths for this position. For example, if a person is applying for the logistics manager position, he can mention that he is great for the management of logistics of your company because of his contents.


Your emotional attachment to the job can be a great answer to this question.

Telling the interviewers that this position is your dream job will make the impression that you are devoted to performing at this position. This will increase your chances of getting hired.


Never forget to mention your skills related to the job that you are applying for.

Using different tools or software programs can be a skill and for a relevant position, you must tell that you have expertise in the following tools. If you have already mentioned them in the CV, then do not repeat this again and again by speaking.


Adding that you are devoted to it is a good thing.

Tell that you are devoted to the success of the company. Adding things like getting a vacancy in this company was my goal or anything related to this.



These were some tips about efficiently answering the question like why do you want this job? Keep visiting jobvacancy1.com for more amazing articles like this.


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