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At most times it may be hard to get a job, but some get lucky enough to receive offers from multiple firms. Or perhaps, one may not want to take the job due to personal reasons. For people like these, this article will provide you with an appropriate way to know how to reject a job offer?

How to Reject a Job Offer?

Thank them for offering you a job

A company goes through a lot of complex steps to pick one person for the job. You should not only be thankful for the time and effort they put, but also for the acknowledgement you received as their number one pick. It develops a friendly final impression that may go a long way.

Give your reason for not accepting

Not only it convinces them to move on, they can determine the problems on their end too. Make sure the reason you give for rejecting an offer is solid, and it is not too lengthy. Otherwise it would seem you are just making up excuses. This will be important when you are looking to find an appropriate answer to how to reject a job offer?

Develop a relationship with the employer

As you reject an offer, give the employer your contact number and offer to stay in touch with them. A job rejection is not the end of everything, and perhaps, interviews may not be all about getting a job. If you stay in touch with the firm, in the future you may find a good reason to join them and they may willingly accept you.

Even if that is not the case, you may get to work on a few projects with them, or you could make that company collaborate with the company you are working for.

Final Thoughts

Employers need you as much as you need a job. Since both are two sides of the same coin, showing mutual respect and appreciation to each other would be the best way to go.  These above tips can be followed when it comes to how to reject a job offer. Jobvacancy1.com has blog section that describes everything related to interviews and jobs.



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